Friday, 31 August 2012

Stuck in the past yet somehow stretching towards the future?

We go about the world seeking new experiences,  ideas and insights but somehow  we  remain attached to the outdated an awful long time.

Columbus went  exploring .Went round the globe the unconventional way  and stumbled across the Caribbean  but  he called it West Indies. But this was no western India. Yet the misnomer has survived to this day.
One would have thought that the fact that Columbus didn’t fall off the edge of the world was enough to lay to rest the idea that the Earth was flat. Yet some still hang on to the idea to this day.
Recently, another kind of explorer emerged: the banker, closely followed by the trader.  All kinds of tricks were conjured up to make fortunes. Bankers became intoxicated by the opulent lifestyle. Then the recession hit. Yet  the industry resists any attempt to sober  up and adapt.
 A couple of generations ago, it was common to have a job for life. You didn’t even need to have particularly good grades. A generation later, it became very important to have a degree or at least good grades to land a good job.
But nowadays, going to University is no guarantee to get or keep A job, let alone a decent one. Yet we are still aiming to go to Uni, rack up a huge debt we might never be able to pay back. I would favour the entrepreneurial route myself.

We leave our lives in the hands of institutions that are up to their eyeballs in mud. I don’t think they can help us as much as we can help ourselves.
One other reason why I say this.
I suffered from arthritis and psoriasis for a time. I tried all the medication prescribed by the NHS. None worked as much as when I looked at my diet, did my research and took responsibility for my own life (with the help of good friends). Everyone around me was amazed at how I turned my health around but they still cannot accept the fact that I succeeded where trained doctors mostly failed.  The fact of the matter is, no matter how good a doctor is, s/he hasn’t got much time to make a diagnostic and listening to all your symptoms is a luxury s/he cannot afford nowadays. And most importantly, doctors are not trained in nutrition. They are, and it pains me to say this because I still think they mean well, little more than drug pushers.

Yet,  we still resist. When will we stop resisting and start existing?

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