Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Status update & New single

 I have a problem...

Especially when it comes to memories, I'm a hoarder! I keep my musings, journals, pictures...and this blog!
Then I revisit them...and get sucked in only to re-emerge hours later (slightly exagerated for effect hehe).

I stopped writing on this platform because about this time last year, I started to use a new one.
But per chance, I accidently on purpose came back to this blog...for old time's sake haha!

Thank you reader. You reading this fulfills a need of mine. That of significance. Feeling that what I contribute is valued by someone else. I didn't think there would still be readership on here!

I must admit though, even on my new shiny blog I have been taking a bit of a break since February.

Work got in the way and time got scarce. Then money got scarce... Then I got restless, then paralysed.

Yes, I'm human.

But despite the madness, I have been creative.
I have recorded a new single that you can listen to here, if  you feel so inclined.

I have also been perusing my journal and it seems that music is an enduring passion of mine. Despite everyone -including myself- telling me that it can never be more than a hobby, it is still my dream to earn an income from it directly or not.

But it all comes down to time. Time spent perfecting the craft. Time spent learning about the business side of things. Time actually spent doing what works.

It's a journey.
And we're limited on how many journeys we can take at once. The more you take, the slower you will be.

Anyway.Thank again for reading, I have a feeling I will make an appearance again here, God willing.

PS: The single is called "Too Late" and should be out on iTunes on 25.05.15



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