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Thursday 17 September 2020

Progress update

It's  been a while. A few years...
 I've  started a new blog, wrote an ebook, a quiz, got hacked in twice, released a few singles... But right now I'm back here while my other site is down.
Who says it would be a smooth ride?

Hopefully this will be sorted this year.

But anyway, for now,let's share a few of my newly discovered insights.

If you feel overwhelmed by your to do list, here's 2 crucial tips.

Write your list down, it will clear your mind, alleviate stress.
Stop multitasking,  do one thing at a time.  It's  been proven that multitasking actually slows you down.

When you feel inspired,  pumped, or just tickled by an idea, execute it as soon as possible. Get the ball rolling before you feel meh again, because you will.

Last thing i will share is this. If you're reading this, I know you are into personal development.  But remember that personal development helps you become the best version of yourself but not perfect. 

Grow, fall, stand up again,  don't  beat yourself up. Don't stay down.

Keep the faith. Keep going, keep rising.


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