Friday, 6 August 2010

The Equation of Everything

Whether or not the Equation of everything exists, it is interesting to think there might be a unifying principle that explains the mathematical order in the mind bogglingly big things of the universe down to the minuscule things on Earth…

I mean the whole thing seems to be a ballet of order, intricacy, beauty and movement

The universe is generally precise like clockwork. Orbits follow mathematical laws. Scientists can predict and calculate many things in the universe thanks to this mathematical order. We know in advance when the new moon, full moon, etc will be, theorists make sense out of the movement of celestial bodies because they obey rules. Why this order? Why doesn’t the whole system crash every now and then like Windows and other man-made programmes? Well, that’s another question.

However, if many cannot compute the concept of a Great Designer, at least we all agree on the mathematical precision mentioned above.

Other manifestations of this precision are rife on our blue planet...Take the composition of the atmosphere for instance–exactly what is needed to support and sustain life (78% Nitrogen, 21 % Oxygen, 1% other gases, if the balance was different, life would be impossible): the water cycle, the conveyor belt (warm and cold current making sure oxygen is distributed in the oceans all over the globe), the oxygen cycle (carbon dioxide to oxygen and vice –versa) the land cycle (from magma to crust and back to magma) Everything is interconnected and pefectly balanced - before we mess it all up. Wouldn’t it be great if we knew a mathematical equation that explains why this had to be this way?

But most importantly, if this equation was abused, because it fell into self-serving hands, what could happen to mankind?
Well yeah, there has to be a baddie, right? Otherwise there’s no crisis, no tension, no resolution, no hero, no good story init!

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