Friday, 1 October 2010

5 mistakes I really don’t wanna keep making

New month, new season…Autumn’s definitely upon us…The days are getting shorter, chillier, darker. The year is relentlessly drawing to an end and I can’t help thinking I may not have made much progress. Time’s flown by. Perhaps I should re-assess and make the most of the time that’s left.

I sound like I’ve got a terminal disease don’t I?
Yeah. I got one. It’s called foolishness. Too many mistakes! Gonna have to tackle them little by little before they end up killing me!
Yeah, it’s a bit drama-queenish but taking everything casually is the best way to end up in casualty.

Soooo… I solemnly declare I will do all I can to avoid the mistakes below. If you know me and it’s clear that I am not following this, permission is granted you to slap me on the wrist! Also, if you think these are not my biggest faults, You're right! Let me know what you think they are.

Here goes

5 mistakes I really don’t wanna keep making

Give in to impulse buying just because I've got paid. Indulgence at the beginning of the month means 3 weeks of poverty! Duh!

Mistake friendship for love and love for friendship. There’s only so much disappointment and embarrassment you can take. DUH!

Have goals and think about fulfilling them but not grasping the nettle
. What’s the point in thinking about a garden and how to grow stuff but never actually do any of the planting? DUUUH!

Bottle things up
. It’s a time bomb. Don’t really want to carry such a thing and blow up on people. I’m no terrorist! DUUUHUUH!

Start many things just to be busy but not follow through
. Splashing around and making noise is hardly what one would call swimming. Exhaustion may ensue while you haven’t even made it to the other end of the pool! DUH DUH DUH!


(broken record)


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