Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Quick update

I've been working on an album for two years. But the amount of time I could devote to the project was reduced because of my addiction to doing many things at the same time! But here it is. This saturday, I'm recording my single.... A bit nervous!!!Why? Cause firstly I haven't exactly rehearsed as much as I would like - I'm leaving some room for inspiration that the studio may trigger - and secondly, I'm not sure yet how I will get there as my car's fan belt has decided to snap yesterday...Oh that brings a third worry: how much will it cost me. Mmmmmhhhh. Don't care, I'm recording in a studio for the first time ever! I'll walk there with all my gear if I need to!
Yeah mon!

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"Citizen of the world, believer, workafrolic, multipassionate vagabond out to turn his talents into business ventures. Will he do it? Stay tuned."

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