Sunday, 3 February 2013

Men and Guns and the method behind my madness

I've never understood this love affair. I was going to describe it as bitter-sweet love but where is the sweetness? I can't see any sweetness in the dying of so many people - among them innocent children- made easy by fire arms.
I mean even the US president who is in my opinion capable of making anything look ultra cool cannot really pull it off.  I mean look at this pic.

It still looks wrong. It feels like a contradiction.

A decade ago, an old friend of mine, a painter, said something along the lines of " If everyone on Earth took up the arts, they would have no desire to take up arms". I agree wholeheartedly. There is something soothing in creating, whether it be poetry, prose, music, painting or dancing.Creating is at the very least therapeutic. I personally would add that there is something divine in arts. I mean by that that we experience something akin to what God might have felt while creating all that surrounds us. Life, beauty, originality, intricacy and functionality. There is no doubt in my mind that the Grand Creator is the Greatest Artist ever.

Anyway. You see, that's my explanation for how messy my blog is. There is method to my madness. There might not seem to be a backbone to all this activity but there is: I create. What for?  For the sheer joy I derive from producing novel things, novel ideas and also because it makes me remember my Grand Creator, in an indirect way...

So yes, I'm a singer songwriter. Yes, I'm a dancer. Yes I'm a wannabe writer and yes I'm a nutter.... but it's all creativity, see?
If you couldn't before, I hope you can now see the underlying logic underneath all of this mishmash!


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