Friday, 22 February 2013

Where is Guadeloupe?

What springs to mind when I say Guadeloupe ? How do you pronounce the word? ("Gwa-da-Loo-Pay" or   "Gwa-Duh- Loop"?).

For Guadeloupe, you need the latter pronunciation. The former is for Guadalupedifferent place altogether.
Anyway, this post isn't a geography lesson. It's just that Guadeloupe is the island I'm from. A small pile of dust in the Caribbean sea, surrounded by more or less bigger piles. I have grown to expect that noone ever hears of Guadeloupe in the English speaking world.

Not true anymore! Guadeloupe is being put on the map by the British TV series « Death in paradise ». I never knew about the programme until somebody mentioned it at work. How the heck did she notice and retain that useless piece of information? I haven't got the foggiest. What's more is that she remembered that the series was shot in Guadeloupe but the island was  called Sainte Marie on the screen. 

I know who I want on my quiz team!

P.S: I'm following the series now, just because I'm just kinda pleased, maybe a little proud...But I don't like the male lead role...And I don't like that the photography doesn't do the weather there justice, in my opinion...

Oh well! Could be worse.

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