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Haven't been posting for a long time... I find it much easier to write when I have something to say rather than write just  to say something, get me?
Anyway, since you're here reading, let me tell you about the global and relentless plagiarism that's been taking place without anyone raising so much as an eye brow. I'm exaggerating slightly but this is what it feels like to me. Let me explain.

Let's consider eponymous discoveries. A few examples:

America was called thus after its discoverer, Amerigo Vespucci (yeah, he beat Columbus to it, actually). Did  he have anything to do with its emergence from the sea floor? Nope.
The Doppler effect was named after Christian Doppler. Did he create it in a lab? Nope. He just proposed an explanation for a pre-existing phenomenon.
Edmond Halley calculated the orbit of a comet. Did he launch it into orbit? Nope. Still it's called Halley's comet.
I am not saying these people deserved no accolade for their intellectual or navigational prowess, just that they were given too much credit.
Somebody said that the person taking the credit for a scientific discovery is never the actual discoverer (Stigler's law). He argued that it is invariably the one with the perceived importance (posthumously) and connections.
   I would push this further. I would say that credit is denied not only the actual discoverer but the originator of the thing being discovered.
  The formation of land, the universal laws of physics cry out design. Is the Designer celebrated, or at least acknowledged? Less and less. Apparently it's not scientific to do so. The only celebration of the creator that I see in Science is through Bio mimicry. 
  It is Science's underhanded compliment to the Creator...

There also is a plethora of self-help principles that borrow form God's word, such as "to become the person you would like to be, surround yourself with people who are already that way" (compare that with Proverbs 13:20, or the saying" 
Be careful what you think…
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions 
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your character" (compare that with James 1:14-15)

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

If the creator should put a monetary value on and sue us for all the intellectual property infringements perpetrated against Him, it would probably make the UK's current trillion pounds debt look like a millionth of a drop of water in the ocean.

  If you doubt the existence of God, please read my previous post on the subject
  If you doubt that there is such a thing as God's word and you have read this far, please ask yourself:
How did bible writers know, (before world travels and scientific exploration), that the Earth was round ( Isaiah 40:22) and hanging on nothing (Job 26:7)? 

  If you want a bit more, please read my previous post on the subject.
  If you want somebody to go through this with you, go here.

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