Monday, 17 February 2014

Blast through your own negativity in 3 steps (KA-ME-HA-ME-HA)


How do you read the above? Do you need to clean your filter?
No child is born negative. We see the world through fresh eyes, eager to explore the fun world outside, eager to grow up and experience new things. Then we grow up and are subjected to an onslaught of negativity. The media seeks and dishes out bad news after bad news because we need to be shocked to stay glued to our screens.
But negativity is a filter. When it’s before our eyes, we unconsciously filter out anything positive that we experience and only notice the negative.
It becomes a vicious circle. We see more negativity. It’s been said that we “attract” more negativity. That may be true sometimes. But in essence, we are just ignoring and resisting the positive, thinking immediately “too good to be true” to any opportunity for example, doubting that anything good can happen to us.  
Maybe we believe that one has to cut corners and be a despicable human being in order to succeed. That may have been true for some people. But have we got first hand experience of the validity of that statement? Or is it something we were told?
Maybe we believe that in order to succeed, we have to work so hard that everything else has to suffer, including enjoying the work. What of the Youtubers who make 6 -7 figure incomes by doing what they love a few times a week?

A negative mind is a cage. We may feel comfortable in it, thinking we have figured out how life works and are protecting ourselves from disappointment.  But the cage robs us from living the life we are capable of living, prevents us from even trying, or trying hard enough. It keeps us leading a life of quiet desperation.
The joy is outside the cage of negative thinking. The joy is in a positive outlook, an exploration outlook.
So how did you read the phrase at the outset? “Opportunity now here”?” Opportunity nowhere”?
If you read the former, Hurray! You may be doing the below already, consciously or unconsciously. If you read the latter, do not despair. You just need to clean your filter.
Our filters get clogged up with all the negative messages around. They have to be cleansed regularly.
 This is how to do it:
  • Seek out the positive in your life by committing to writing a list of gratitude each day. At night or in the morning, it’s up to you. But make it a habit for a month. Notice your level of positivity shift.

  • Seek out positive information each day, at the start of the day for 15 minutes.  Read a book by a motivational or inspiring author; listen to an audio programme by motivational speaker or watch an inspiring video on Youtube.  Notice how you start each day on a mission.

  • Be mindful of the running commentary in your head when you experience things that make you feel negative.  Be aware of it. Remember it is just the filter speaking, one you were imposed. It’s not really you. You were born positive. You have the ability to blast through the negative.

Our mind is the helm of the ship. We are the captain.
  By following these 3 steps, we can reconnect with that fact and catch on to the fact that we have more control than we realise. A positive mind will naturally seek ways to have a positive, fulfilling life. A positive mindset can be cultivated. Follow the steps and see for yourself.
If you have another strategy to blast though negativity, feel free to share!

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