Monday, 10 March 2014

Productivity enemy #2: inconsistency

Back in November 2009, I had the bright idea to train to do 100 consecutive push ups. I could do about 45 at the time.
I did achieve my goal. I was able to 100 consecutive press ups...  ....  ... ehrm... some 3 years later!

Why was that? Why did it take me so long?
Because I'm a weakling? Well, not exactly.

It was because of productivity enemy #2: inconsistency!

Have you ever had that experience? Do you sometimes struggle to finish what you start? Perhaps because you lose momentum due to constant interruptions and then re-start on the goal when you remember, weeks later?
Just because it's your current pattern doesn't mean you can't change it. Maybe those 2 principles will help.

Schedule to work on the goal regularly

In the case of my 100 push ups idea, after dilly dallying for 3 years, in August 2012 I decided to work at it each day and post about it as often as I could.
Your goal needs to be written down as part of your weekly or daily to-do-list, just like your grocery shopping and other things you routinely do.
Also write about the steps you make towards achieving your goal to keep it fresh in your mind and stay motivated.
Doing it online keeps you accountable as it's there for everyone to see. You can also go back to it weeks, months or years after and reminisce, analyse, adjust or muse...

My journey with this goal is all documented here and here.

Have several angles of attack

In August 2012 I was also running a couple of times a week, ( I had started a month earlier) eating a lot of vegetables and little processed food ( this was a goal started in 2011). I also documented this here and here
As a result, I became lean, fit and healthy in what seems a very short time. The results were really tangible within a few weeks but it was the consistency and different angles of attack paid off. I achieved my goal In September 2012. The 22nd to be precise.

Having different angles of approach definitely paid off with this goal. But building and keeping momentum is key.
Think of it as compound interest. You earn interest on the interest. Your results grow exponentially after some time so that it feels you are not putting in so much effort any more but your results are now off the chart!
Zig Ziglar illustrated the principle in his " Prime the pump analogy"(below)

But sometimes it's not just interruptions that cause us to lose momentum. It's something that is deeper and more sinister. Its productivity enemy #3: doubts. I'll cover that next week.

If you missed my  post about productivity enemy #1, click here!

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