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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Operation gratitude

Well hello!

I thought I'd drop by to share this epiphany.

It's funny how much of our happiness is linked to what we choose to focus on.

It is true that the world is in a mess.

But it is truer that there is a world of a mess in our heads sometimes, which makes our lot feel worse than it actually is.

Introducing Operation gratitude

I have been writing at least 5 things I am grateful for each day and noticed how it has helped.

I think this is going to be part of my daily routine now. It's so invaluable.

I originally wrote about it here

Do you do this too?

Lemme know!


Saturday, 17 September 2011

The limitations of positive thinking

If you believe the talk, there are 2 sorts of people in life : the negative and the positive
The negative say we are heading towards a catastrophy of epic proportions. We are failing on so many levels economically, environmentally, morally.
The positive say that this is just nonsense. We will survive, global warming will be contained.The economy will pick up, growth will continue.Human ingenuity will prevail.
We are way too clever to die. Are we ? I’m sure the Mayan civilisation didn’t think they would vanish but vanish they did. I’m sure the Arawaks didn’t think they would be wiped out as a civilisation but wiped out they were( You didn’t even know they once existed, did you ! ;P ).
But what do I know ? I haven’t lived long enough to form an amazingly clever opinion, have I?
Still, I can see patterns, and there is wisdom in patterns. For every action there is a reaction, whether we can see it at the time or not…
Don't get me wrong, I think positive thinking is a great tool. It certainly helps accomplish great feats that negative thinking would never dream of attempting, quite litterally.
Nevertheless, positive thinking cannot override the laws of the universe. Sadly, no amount of positive thinking will enable me to jump off a bridge without a parachute and not plummet down to my death.Causality is inescapable. My senses may deceive me into believing that I’m gliding in a straight line perhaps. But gravity will be at work. The ground will eventually look closer then when I realise what’s been happening…SPLAT !
Too little too late.
Am I being negative ?
Prevention is better than cure, right ?? Is having a plan B negative thinking ? Is having a parachute negative thinking ?
Don’t think so. It’s prudent planning. No, better even, It’s health and safety.
So why not exercise prudent planning on a global scale ? Why is it that we become complacent, sceptical, expedient when it comes to the economy, the environment and moral issues ?
I fear - and not just me actually, also some clever people like Stephen Hawkins and Noam Chomsky -that we are putting our heads in the sand by carrying on hoping things will get better without having to change one bit.

Am I crying wolf unnecessarily? Perhaps. But would you bet your life that I'm wrong?
Really? Really really? Quit your jibby-jabber, FOOL!!!


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