Monday, 2 December 2013

Wanna grow? Prepare for growing pains.

Previously, in this post, I talked about how we resist change, consciously or not. You would have thought that knowing this on a conscious level would have set me free, right?
Wrong! here's why, which I found out while perusing a post called "do you have an upper limit problem" by sassy business guru Marie Forleo.

"We shall rrresist!"

I have noticed that while pursuing goals towards being coherent in my professional/spiritual/physical life, I have to contend with myself. I find myself feeling down sometimes while I should celebrate a success.
It feels like my subconscious is comfortable with constant struggle so it resists any idea of me becoming struggle-free or figuring out how to struggle less.
Yes, I'm a contradiction. But I know I'm not alone...Well, I hope I'm not!
Anyway, that is what prompted me to record this vlog.

"It's just a matter of getting through the pain barrier"

On reflection, growing pains occur during any transitional period. When you're growing up and have a growth spurt (remember the sudden clumsiness, the emotional turmoil, the physical pain and maybe stretch marks?), in the initial stages of learning a new skill, language, system (different pain, but as real)...
Hey that's just life. The pain eventually goes away. It's just a matter of getting through the pain barrier. Of course, the alternative is giving up.
But tell me, if we gave up each time something felt uncomfortable, would we ever walk or talk? A good job we are not wired that way when we're young.
In fact, we long to grow up and do grown up stuff. Before we get there, we go through quite a few mishaps, some of which we may be quite ashamed of. But we live and learn. Then one day, we're there, eventually.
So chin up, don't give up.


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