Friday, 24 January 2014

What you can expect from this blog in 2014

Dear reader,

Maybe you've read me before, maybe this is your first time.
Well in whichever case you might be in, here's what you can expect from me:

I will relentlessly explore, reflect on and sometimes question the paradigms that society promotes in the field of entrepreneurship, personal development, spirituality and health .
I stand for taking control over our lives, breaking the shackles of old ideologies that are redundant at best, designed to keep us ignorant and under the thumb at worst.
I don't presume to start a revolution. I don't stand for anarchy. I'm not here to change the world. I'm here to continue refining myself inside and out, and thus   And in the process maybe inspire others to do the same.
Sometimes you will share my views, sometimes you won't. But I will be as authentic as I can be.

Who I be?

Just a bit of background. I grew up in Guadeloupe, French West Indies. My working life has been spent mainly in the UK where I entered the corporate world and came out disillusioned in 2010.
I thought there must be a better way than handing over my soul in exchange of a few pounds. When you have to leave your best judgement and personality at the door to do whatever is asked of you because the company "owns" you, it feels like slavery to me.
My ancestors didn't fight it for me to willingly go back to it.
I believe there is another way: entrepreneurship.
Although my financial life has been up and down since putting my foot in the door of this new world, my inner life has never been so rich and exciting.
I feel free at last, free to explore and rekindle my neglected talents, free to learn the principles that will help me turn them into ventures.
I am not totally there yet. I do derive income from it, but not enough of it yet. It's a journey. But this year I will have a more purposeful crack at it.

I will share my journey here.
Stay tuned!

Peace out.

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"Citizen of the world, believer, workafrolic, multipassionate vagabond out to turn his talents into business ventures. Will he do it? Stay tuned."

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