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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Everyday I'm DA-BUH-LING, dabbling, dabbling

It's been a while, life has been rather tumultuous and exciting at the same time. Lots of opportunities, choices to make...I need to be more than one Rudiano to do all I wanna do!
So for that reason I have no other choice than working on my writing projects unconsciously (by this I mean they are on the back burner) for now!
Just an update on the Summer hit in the making: it's going to be recorded at the end of this month, all being well.
I will post more about this later.
Why not listen to some music while you wait? :P
Here's a LINK to my 2006 album and ANOTHER of the video for one of the tracks.
If you like, you know what to do!



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