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Monday, 9 July 2012

Rudiano is now on Soundcloud!

You can check my cinematic tunes here, my proper Caribbean oldies there or my top 5 tunes over here.

At the moment of re-editing this, there's a bug on Soundcloud. If all easle fails, enter this address in your browser:

Yes, I composed and performed them all (sometimes with fellow artists).

Sit back (preferably in a hammock), relax (with glass of wine, liqueur...or rum - even better) and enjoy!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Everyday I'm DA-BUH-LING, dabbling, dabbling

It's been a while, life has been rather tumultuous and exciting at the same time. Lots of opportunities, choices to make...I need to be more than one Rudiano to do all I wanna do!
So for that reason I have no other choice than working on my writing projects unconsciously (by this I mean they are on the back burner) for now!
Just an update on the Summer hit in the making: it's going to be recorded at the end of this month, all being well.
I will post more about this later.
Why not listen to some music while you wait? :P
Here's a LINK to my 2006 album and ANOTHER of the video for one of the tracks.
If you like, you know what to do!


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

"Let's re-invent Zouk!"

That is our  erhm...modest goal.
You probably don't know Zouk...Or perhaps the kind of Zouk I'm referring to. If that is the case, here's a LINK OR 2 to what I mean  and what MY VERSION OF IT of it sounds like at the moment.
On " Good Friday", I travelled to my partner in crime's (Dal) and arrived fashionably late. In my defense, I had had a long day and virtually no sleep so I was quite slow. When I managed to get myself ready and on the road, I got stuck in traffic (okay, enough with the violins)
So when I finally reached his doorstep, it was no wonder Dal just wanted to crack on. I suggested that we have a listen of what Zouk sounds like so we can deconstruct it and revamp it. We listened to a few Zouk songs, Zouk compilations for inspiration. Then we set about our task.

Dal wrote a catchy base line. I wrote a beat. He added strings. We listened.  Not enough Oomph so I re-wrote the beat. We were both happier. He added brass then we add libbed a few melodies and lyrics to see how the song might go. We settled on a bridge, chorus and first two lines of the first verse. We will write a verse each on our own then meet again to collate. There's gonna be some rapping too.

Stay tuned, we want this to be a summer hit. We'll need lots of support for this!!! Are you down?

Monday, 26 July 2010

The second blog!!!

Well yes, it's only been a couple of days but this blog thing is too enticing so here I am again!

So.... In the last blog I attempted to explain why I write. I say "attempt" because really, I'm only reacting to an impulse. Simples!

Now, WHAT am I currently writing? A Fiction novel called " The Equation of everything".
Sounds a tiny bit ambitious doesn't it? Maybe. I'm no scientist so I've been researching this elusive equation. No one seems to have cracked it yet, so I guess this leaves plenty of space for imagination.

The Equation of Everything would predict how everything works in the universe, on the sub atomic as well as the galactic scale. It would be a principle that is found to be true in every situations without exception. To the person working out this equation (It's definitely going to be longer than E=MC2), the physical Universe will have no secret. He/She will be able to predict everything, in every situation.

That's all I'm gonna say about the What.

Peace out

Friday, 23 July 2010

The first blog!!!

Where shall I start? I guess by the first "W": WHY?

The why is in progress, as almost everything in my fluid self. I'm definitely not solid, I'm changing all the time, constantly on the move internally although you'd hardly notice. I appear relaxed, laid back on the outside. I guess I am. Must be because of my Caribbean background (lived most of live in Guadeloupe, or"Gwada", French West Indies). Many volcanoes there. Just looking at them, you'd never think there's so much activity inside, would you!
But anyway, I seem to have an obsession with creating stuff. It disguises itself all the time so I've only realised this in hindsight. I've had the cartoon drawing phase, the photography phase, the music composing phase and now it looks like I'm in the writing phase. It started in 1995, calmed down then came back with a vengeance when I was in and out of work during Spring 2009. I guess it was my way of taking stock, re-evaluating and energizing myself to survive the battering life was giving me.
It's definitely been therapeutic .It filled a need. So much so that at some point I've compulsively bought more notebooks and pens than I could possibly use, being so excited about writing at any time any place - which hasn't actually happened, shame on me.
However, I feel it may be time to turn this into something that makes me connect with peeps: A novel!
I have 4 writing projects. I'm focusing on one at the moment, called "The Equation of everything".

Si Dieu me prète vie, I will be talking more about the "WHAT" in the next blog.

Stay tuned

Peace out.


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