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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Lighter stuff about languages

A wise man remarked that if you bring together animals of the same species but normally living from different parts of the globe, they still understand each other. They have exactly the same language. A dog from China won’t need an interpreter to understand a dog from Blighty. Humans are the only species with different languages. Odd, init?
Although, I know this one animal who learnt to speak dog and that saved her life and that of her family… Mind you, that was a mouse and she learnt dog to frighten a cat….and I forgot to mention she was fictitious for the most part…Which part? Well…erhm…pretty much the whole part…part…
Oh, and that wise man I mentioned at the outset, well his name is Iron man (nah, not the real one, he looked more like a pirate of the Caribbean to me) …

Oh, and while I’m at it, I must confess my name is not Rudiano Bambino…My name is even weirder looking, weirder sounding….and it does not rhyme…. My profile picture on the right isn't my real picture either. This is a recent picture of me (above). Kind of explains my experience in the dog world init.

What a disappointment of a blog eh?

Oh well, the truth had to come out one way or another!




Monday, 26 July 2010

The second blog!!!

Well yes, it's only been a couple of days but this blog thing is too enticing so here I am again!

So.... In the last blog I attempted to explain why I write. I say "attempt" because really, I'm only reacting to an impulse. Simples!

Now, WHAT am I currently writing? A Fiction novel called " The Equation of everything".
Sounds a tiny bit ambitious doesn't it? Maybe. I'm no scientist so I've been researching this elusive equation. No one seems to have cracked it yet, so I guess this leaves plenty of space for imagination.

The Equation of Everything would predict how everything works in the universe, on the sub atomic as well as the galactic scale. It would be a principle that is found to be true in every situations without exception. To the person working out this equation (It's definitely going to be longer than E=MC2), the physical Universe will have no secret. He/She will be able to predict everything, in every situation.

That's all I'm gonna say about the What.

Peace out

Friday, 23 July 2010

The first blog!!!

Where shall I start? I guess by the first "W": WHY?

The why is in progress, as almost everything in my fluid self. I'm definitely not solid, I'm changing all the time, constantly on the move internally although you'd hardly notice. I appear relaxed, laid back on the outside. I guess I am. Must be because of my Caribbean background (lived most of live in Guadeloupe, or"Gwada", French West Indies). Many volcanoes there. Just looking at them, you'd never think there's so much activity inside, would you!
But anyway, I seem to have an obsession with creating stuff. It disguises itself all the time so I've only realised this in hindsight. I've had the cartoon drawing phase, the photography phase, the music composing phase and now it looks like I'm in the writing phase. It started in 1995, calmed down then came back with a vengeance when I was in and out of work during Spring 2009. I guess it was my way of taking stock, re-evaluating and energizing myself to survive the battering life was giving me.
It's definitely been therapeutic .It filled a need. So much so that at some point I've compulsively bought more notebooks and pens than I could possibly use, being so excited about writing at any time any place - which hasn't actually happened, shame on me.
However, I feel it may be time to turn this into something that makes me connect with peeps: A novel!
I have 4 writing projects. I'm focusing on one at the moment, called "The Equation of everything".

Si Dieu me prète vie, I will be talking more about the "WHAT" in the next blog.

Stay tuned

Peace out.


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